33 Cupcake Recipes

I love these because I always bake for people when I’m happy

I need a gluten-free cupcake 23 immediately.

but cupcake 23 is using cake flour

Have patience in obeying Allah and not disobeying Him because this (life of this) world is a short period of time. You don’t feel the happiness and sorrow of what passed (long ago) and you don’t know of what has yet to come around . So have patience for that is in the now and be content.
Imam Kazim (as), Tuhaf-ul-Uqoul p.417 (via 14noor)

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someone at school today said ‘xD’ out loud like EX DEEEEE and i didn’t think i’d ever have to be faced with that


Why does my womanhood embarrass you?
when I am made up of the same biological factors,
that allow you to stand here today.
You do not know what wonders course through my blood,
and live in my bones.
I have never seen a man nurse a child,
and I have never seen a mans stomach swell with life either.
So next time you insult my womanhood,
remember my words,
and remember that you have no right.
You are simply a man.

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